Hello and welcome to the thoughts inside the head of a happy heathen.  Happy because of being a heathen, or non-believer if you will, and heathen because I refuse to practice or accept personally religious dogma.

What I do not believe is that there is a superior, all powerful, all knowing being in charge of all things.  Neither can I accept that there is a master plan, or really a plan at all.  To over simplify, stuff just happens.

What I do believe is that humans are our own worst enemy; that science is real and superstition glorifies that which is not real. I believe in being kind and honest.

There’s more, much more inside my old (almost 70 years) head and I will share that with you as time goes by. I hope to post about my neighborhood, the country, politics, history, the weird ideas that just show up in my mind and maybe something interesting that I see.

I never actually tried this blog thing before, but I hope it will be fun.


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