Crazy world

There is much wrong with the world that needs changing; I would if I could.  The biggest and most dangerous problem, that could probably change but most likely won’t, is that there are too many of us.  Humans I mean.  We are procreating ourselves out of existence.  The earth will survive without us, but then who will appreciate it?

It seems obvious to me that there limited resources and we just keep making more humans to use them up without realizing that someday there just won’t be enough to sustain the number of humans on this planet.  There have always been natural ways to control population; wars, famine, disease, genocide, etc. but even though we are killing each other in more and more heinous ways there are still too many people for the earth to sustain.

What to do?  We should be having fewer babies but that is not likely when most believe every child is a gift from a god.  We could die younger to make room for others but I’m not volunteering to go first and I don’t know anyone else who will.

Then again, maybe nature has already started to thin the herd without relying on human beings to take care of it.  Floods and earthquakes take out a fair number of people as do droughts and hurricanes.  In the past war has been temporarily effective by removing large numbers of young males during their most productive years.  Time will tell.  I won’t be around long enough to know how it works out, but it should be interesting for those who survive, or maybe for the next species to occupy this space.

Crazy world

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