Daily Prompt: Fifty

via Daily Prompt: Fifty

For several days I have been looking at these daily prompts and promising myself I would write something, even if only a sentence for each one.  But then my computer died and then the basement flooded and then the dog needed his nails clipped and my husband wanted company watching the Olympics and stuff just kept happening  and I am just now writing after planning for days to do so.  I am going to have to figure out what I will do about that.  Sometime.  Soon.

Fifty immediately becomes an age for me.  I remember fifty.  I thought I was getting old when I had lived for fifty years, but here I am twenty years later and I don’t feel old at all.  My feet feel old, but I don’t.

Fifty dollars is not much money but fifty million dollars is a life altering sum. A fifty / fifty chance of rain doesn’t tell me much about what to expect weather wise.  Fifty or more employees can subject a business to more regulations than fewer than fifty.  I wonder what the process was to arrive at fifty instead of say, forty-eight.

I think I can do this!  I would not have thought about fifty at all without the prompt but there are really many things to be said about it.  Now I wonder what tomorrow’s word will be.

Daily Prompt: Fifty

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