On Saturday afternoon I attended the funeral of my cousin at the church where I once was a member.  This is most unusual for me.  After what some people in my life consider a reverse epiphany a few years ago I realized that I did not accept the teachings of the church.  I just no longer believed what I had been taught, so going to church would be hypocritical.  As in many areas of my life there are exceptions to the norm such as attending a funeral at a church when someone special to me has died. I do not consider this gesture of respect for the deceased and concern for the widow and my cousin’s family, all of whom I hold in high regard, to be contrary to my chosen beliefs.  I consider attending the service just that — a gesture — nothing more.

I have a friend whose religious faith is central to her life and unquestionable in her mind.  She has questioned me about how I could believe at one time and then change to  not believing at all.  I have explained as best as I can, hoping not to offend her because she is important to me and I respect her choice; I just can’t share it.  She doesn’t understand, probably can’t understand and keep her faith at the same time.  So, we are considerate of each other and support each other, love each other and have decided time will tell if either of us has found the truth.  Time will tell.



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