That’s life

There was nothing on my calendar for today and I woke up with the idea of lazy coffee out side followed by lots of reading and relaxing with maybe a leisurely walk in the afternoon and soup and sandwiches for supper followed by some television with the husband before an early bedtime.  Heaven for old people.

But, oh no, fate had other ideas. It’s raining and likely to keep raining.  The grandson has a bug problem.  So, no big deal there.  Just take him some bug spray and make a few suggestions based on my own experience with the creepy crawly critters.  It was a good excuse to love on my favorite dog who lives with his master now, as he should. So a short drive to his house, stop by the post office and then I should be free for the remainder of the day.

Oh, no, fate had other ideas.  As I was driving home with visions of red wine and my favorite recliner in my head the cell phone rings.  “Sweety?  Guess what?  The hot water heater is kuput.  We have to have a new one.”  Well damn!  My plan had been to buy myself a kayak so I could paddle my ass around the lake.  That used to be a funny thing to say, but seventy year old women rarely peddle  their ass anywhere.  But I digress.

Okay, shit happens and this is not a tragedy, just an inconvenience. So, adjust; move on; get over it. Go ahead and poor the wine and start a new book.  I love Al Franken and his newest is interesting and funny (not a bad combination). About two paragraphs in a big red truck is slowing driving back and forth in front of the house so I go outside, in the rain, and flag them down to tell them this is the place and to go around the back where it will be easy to load the hot water heater into the basement.  I turn that project over to the husband who has become severely depressed about this latest development.  He will hover over these poor guys while they try to do their job and I am actually glad about that because there is no way they will not get it done to suit him.  Later when it’s all done I will pick up his spirits with dumb jokes and a blizzard from the DQ.  He’s easy like that.

Now I am in the process of transferring my hopes for a simple day from today to tomorrow.  We have an appointment with our financial advisor in the afternoon so the day won’t be totally free, but as far as I know the mother-in-law has nothing for us to do tomorrow and the rest of the family seems to be okay.  Since we will have plenty of hot water a lazy bubble bath might be just the ticket to start the day right and since we have to be out anyway an early dinner out might be just the thing.  We’ll see how that goes.


That’s life

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