Roaring Twenties?

As long as I can remember my favorite way to dress for costume parties has been as a flapper from the Roaring Twenties, the era of my grandparents’ youth.  According to family gossip overheard at various holiday gatherings my great aunt Louise and my grandmother, Opal, were party girls when they were young.  I suspect that to be true from what I noticed of their personalities.  So I was impressed by their stories of jazz bands and speak easies enough to imitate them.

For my sixteenth birthday my parents let me though a costume party, since my birthday is just before Halloween.  I rigged up a fringed skirt, a long-waisted blouse, strings of beads (pearls sorta) and wore a headband with a fuzzy feather.  It was actually pretty tacky, but at the time I loved it.  Later as an adult I made costumes for my husband and me to attend parties and rented a zoot suit and red satin dress for a Halloween bash for the last time a few years back.  Goodbye to the Roaring 1920’s, hello 2020.

UPDATE.  This draft is from a late night of drinking back in January when it was cold and isolation was the theme of my life.  Thought I would just go ahead and publish it anyway.

Roaring Twenties?

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