Politics as Unusual

Man oh man have things ever changed since I voted in my first presidential election.  Back in the sixties, even with the country in so much turmoil, those running for office had to at least insult each other politely.  We expected at the very least for our leaders to have basic social skills and to be free of scandal, or to at least pretend to be.  Not so anymore.

What passes for debate today is not much more than a contest to see who can be nastiest and throw the most mud.  Watching the republicans recently I was reminded of junior high school bullies; the guys who were flunking but calling everyone else dumbasses, always smacking around someone smaller or weaker, but never challenging their equals.  Anyone of the six mentally challenged candidates now in the race for this party being president actually scares me.

It’s no secret that my politics most nearly fit the democratic party but even the democrats are more power hungry than I would like.  Senator Sanders looks more like a real public servant to me than anyone else.  The problem for me is I don’t trust information from the media, social or otherwise, and watching the candidates in debate is disappointing when they appear to be following the direction of political advisors who are still campaigning as they were twenty years ago.  i.e. — negative works.  Here’s an idea!  Trust the voters to hear and understand the truth about what a candidate wants and is likely to do.

I recall a time when I did not actually know which political party friends and acquaintances were a part of.  We were more interested in raising our families, making a living, having a good time together.  Now, it seems every interaction becomes a conflict either over politics, religion, race, etc., etc.  I like to be a live and let live kind of gal, but so often I come upon people who only want to be agreed with and have no interest in diverse thoughts or opinions.

I can’t think about it anymore right now without making myself crazy.

Politics as Unusual

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